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Why am I Receiving a "Blocking Call Cancelled" Error?
Posted by Support, Last modified by Support on 28 January 2011 10:33 AM
The "blocking call cancelled" error is actually from within your FTP Program and your local computer. If you use WS_FTP, the company  suggests the following solution if you receive one or more "Blocking call cancelled" messages and the file transfer is incomplete:

If you are using the Microsoft TCP/IP stack, part of the Windows 95 and NT operating systems, try setting the Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) to 576.

The information below shows a few more methods on what might correct this problem in WS_FTP specifically, although the information may be useful for other FTP clients as well.

The "Blocking call canceled" error can be helped in the WS_FTP Pro classic interface by checking (or un-checking) the Use Passive Transfer Mode checkbox on the Session tab of the Options dialog box, and clicking the Set As Default button. You can also use the Advanced Tab of Session Properties to do the following: Select Passive Transfers and increase the Network Timeout setting to 120. Note that you must save your changes by clicking the Apply button!

Starting with version 6.50 Use Passive Transfer Mode is turned on by default.

In the WS_FTP Pro Explorer interface, the "Blocking call canceled" error can be helped by selecting the Advanced tab of the Site Properties, selecting Passive Transfers, and increasing the Network Timeout setting to 120.

If you still receive this error after making the above changes, try the Windows command line FTP and see if you can connect and how long it takes. Once you know how long it takes to connect, enter this time into the Network Timeout setting on the Advanced tab of either Session Properties (classic interface) or Site Properties (Explorer interface).

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