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How do I publish a website made in MS Publisher?
Posted by Support on 20 December 2007 04:31 AM
Here is another way to prepare and publish a website built in Microsoft Publisher. We recommend the following steps:

1. Create an empty folder on your desktop as a clean location for the files you are about to upload.
2. Open the website you created in Microsoft Publisher.
3. Open the homepage from the pages you created if you have created more than one page.
4. Go to the file menu and select "Save as".
5. Browse to the folder you created on your desktop.
6. Set the "save as" type to "webpage" (make sure you do not select "single file web page" as that will not work.
7. Set the file name to be "index.htm"
8. Click Save.
9. Check the new folder you had created to see if there is a file named index.htm and a folder named index_files. If you do not see these two files or they are named differently you will need to delete the folder and start over at step one.

Once you have reached this step and have the correct files you are ready to upload them. Please refer to the FTP Questions knowledgebase articles for more information regarding the uploading of your files to your account. Please note that you need to upload the index.htm and index_files folder to your Html folder for your website to be visible from the Internet.
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