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How do I estimate my web site's monthly data transfer?
Posted by Support on 20 December 2007 06:12 AM
Try using the following formula to estimate your web site's monthly data transfer.

Don't forget, this formula excludes any extra drains on your bandwidth usage, such as a spike in visitors to your web site, downloading files from your web space by visitors, or other abnormal usages. [Average size of your web page(s) + any graphics included within] * [number of visitors you expect each day * number of pages each visitor will view] * [30 days in a month] = Total Monthly Data Transfer Usage. For example: if you had a site with 30 pages averaging 8 KB each, 50 KB worth of images in each page, and 50 visitors each day who viewed an average of 4 pages, you would have the following formula:
[8 KB + 50 KB] * [50 visitors * 4 pages] * [30] = 348,000 KB

So we would be using 348,000 KB, or approximately 340 MB, of bandwidth each month. Well within the limitations of most basic hosting plans.


The term bandwidth refers to how much data can be moved at one time from a web server out onto a network and across the Internet. Data transfer (AKA bandwidth usage) refers to how much data/information is sent to or received from your hosting account on the server over a specified period of time and in most cases data transfer is measured monthly and for outgoing data only.
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