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27 Free Tools for Webmasters
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Free and commercial software recommendations for FTP, image editing, and website development, as well as links to online tools to help with designing and promoting your website.

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Software - Free

Link AceFTP Free - Free FTP program.
Link FTP Surfer - Another free FTP program.
Link Google Toolbar - Integrates a Google search box into your browser, along with other useful features like a pop-up blocker and a PageRank estimator.
Link PhotoPlus - Free image editing software. Great for resizing photos and creating graphics.
Link The GIMP - Free image editing program. Powerful but a bit of a learning curve.
Link Xenu's Link Sleuth - Great little free program to check for broken links on your entire site.

Online Tools - Design

Link Color Scheme Generator - Find triads, tetrads, and analogic color schemes. Produces normal or web-safe colors.
Link ColorMatch - Create color themes based on a single starting color.
Link EasyRGB - Tool to find color harmonies.
Link FavIcon from Pics - Make a quick favicon.ico file from an image. Put this file in your root directory so when people bookmark your site they see your logo.
Link Lorem Ipsum Generator - Create realistic dummy text to help you lay out a page.
Link Lynx Viewer - See your site as it looks to search engines with this text-only browser emulator.
Link WhatTheFont - Identifies a font based on a sample image, provided it is large enough and of good quality.

Online Tools - Promotion

Link Submit page to Google - Add your webpage for inclusion.

Scripts and Programming

Link Hot Scripts - A huge repository of free and commercial scripts written in many languages, including CGI/Perl and PHP.
Link - A suite of free remotely hosted tools - a site search engine, a downtime checker, and more.

Stock Photos

Link iStockphoto - Very inexpensive stock photos. You can also become a contributor and get free downloads.
Link Stock.xchng - Free stock photos, many of very high quality.

Online Tools - Misc

Link Check Domain - A simple and straightforward whois.
Link Copyscape - Find sites that are copying your content.
Link DNS Stuff - A compilation of many DNS lookup tools.
Link Quick Character Counter - Calculates how many characters are in a block of text. Neat condensing function.
Link Remote Website Tester - Useful if your site is down - see if it's just you or if another location cannot connect either. Displays the HTML of your site if it can connect.
Link Wayback Machine - See how a domain looked in the past, if it was archived.

Professional Directories

Link Co-Op America - Green Business Pages
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