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Can I have a non "www" domain name?
Posted by Support on 20 December 2007 02:42 AM
A non-WWW domain name means that your Web site will appear in Web browsers whether someone types "" or "just "". This means that users can simply not type the repetitive "www" and just type your domain name to get to your site. This often increases traffic to your site, by giving you a second domain name (with NO extra domain name registration fees) and a simpler one as well. Your regular domain name - - will not be changed and still functions normally - this is added on top of that. It is extremely common to set up the non-www domain name, so that users can simply type in your domain name, such as "", into a browser and find your Web site, leaving off the "www".

Note: some search engines count this as two web sites and your traffic rankings may be lower by using the two different ways of entering your domain name.
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