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What is the IP address for my site? Why can't I view my site when I enter the IP address?
Posted by Support on 20 December 2007 02:43 AM
IP address numbers are limited, and in accordance with Internet standards and ARIN's (American Registry for Internet Numbers) requests, we do not by default issue a new IP to every new Web site. Only a very small percentage of sites actually need IP addresses of their own (sites with their own security certificates, for example). All other sites share an IP address. AISO.Net, like all responsible ISP's, must work to conserve IP numbers as there is a limited number and we must ensure that those who need IP's can obtain them. IP numbers are an older standard, being phased out in favor of new domain name resolution protocols which rely less heavily on the limited number of IP's available.

AISO.Net utilizes advanced technology which does not require dedicated IP's for every domain name - this is the new standard. Not having a dedicated IP does not make a site less "real", and has no implications beyond indicating that your site is hosted utilizing the latest in technical innovations. Your domain will resolve by name, not by an IP address, therefore you will not be able to view your site over the Web until the InterNIC database is up to date. The Web sites are called by domain name, not IP address. This is the intention of the Internet's DNS system - to make less important IP numbers, and prioritize domain names. Once the InterNIC changes are entered into their database, you will see your site via the domain name. Until that time, you will not be able to view it over the Web.

We will issue you a temporary domain name when you sign up. This will be included in the setup e-mail and will allow you to view your site on our servers until your domain name is pointing to our servers and the internet propagation has occured. Additionally, if it is a FrontPage site, you can access your site using your temporary domain name. Clients using FTP to maintain their sites can FTP via the AISO.Net-supplied IP address or temporary domain name, at any time, but please remember that that IP address is just for FTP transfers, and entering it into your browser will not bring up your site. The temporary domain name can expire after 7 days after you ordered. You will also need to wait for the InterNIC to enter your domain information into their database.
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