How do I stream MP3's or Video's to a wide audience on my website?
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We recommend using flash for any MP3 or video streaming, since most PC's including Mac, Windows and Linux have the flash player installed. This will allow most people to not have an issue with viewing the media using what ever OS they have.

If you don't choose this direction, and you use Windows Media Player for encoding, then people on Mac and Linux without the player wouldn't be able to see it. And if you choose Quicktime for encoding, then people on Windows and Linux without the player wouldn't be able to see it.

The first step is to convert the mp3 to a flash video file for playing in the flash streaming player. You can also use these same steps to convert QuickTime or Windows Media video formats to flash video for streaming video on your web site.

1. Download and install the following converter:

2. Convert the mp3 or video to an FLV video using the step 1 software.

3. Embed the streaming flash video player into your web site, which you can download here (you don't need the JW Viral Plugin):

4. Follow the instructions to include the audio or video you converted in step 2 into the player on your web site so that it will now stream:

The software links above are just examples. You can use any other method or software you choose to convert your audio or video you wish your web site users to see into a flash video, then use a streaming flash video player to play the converted file on your web site.

You can also use the AISO content delivery network (CDN) to stream video as well, for more info visit our web site.
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