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What do I need to include in a ticket for the fastest response?
Posted by Support on 31 March 2009 04:34 PM
Many support requests take longer to answer because important details were left out of the original question. They can also take longer to answer because of the complexity of your issue. Here are some details that can be important in solving your problem:
  1. What is the problem exactly? If it is an e-mail problem, is it sending, or receiving, or both? Please be as descriptive as possible.
  2. If you are getting an error message, what is it exactly? Please copy and paste it into the ticket. There are many situations that can cause errors, and the exact error message is the quickest way for us to identify the problem.
  3. What were you doing when the error occurred? How can we reproduce the error?
  4. What software were you using when it occurred - specifically, which e-mail client, which FTP program, etc.
  5. What settings are you using in your software--what host, login, username, etc?
  6. Is this a new or an ongoing problem? If the problem is intermittent, please the describe the times or circumstances that coincide with the problem.
  7. Have you made any changes lately in how you access the internet or your account? For instance: you are now accessing it at work, or you got a new ISP, or you installed a virus protection program, or a new firewall.
  8. What steps have you taken already to solve or isolate the problem? If your e-mail isn't working, have you tried using Webmail? If you can't access FTP for your site, have you tried accessing your site normally? If you can't access your domain, can you access the temporary page sent to you in your Welcome E-mail?
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