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How do I fix Bounce Processing errors such as 'cannot connect to server' or 'Invalid Login Details for Bounce Processing'
Posted by Support on 31 July 2009 01:16 PM
If you are getting errors about connecting to the mail server when setting up bounce processing or if you are getting an e-mail similar to the following:
Automatic bounce processing was trying to log in to the email account (username '' at the email server '') but was unable to.

It received the following error message: 'Connection failed to,143: Connection timed out'.

Log in to the Control Panel here:

Edit the contact list here:

Then check the username, password and mail server details and options are correct. You may need to use the 'Extra Mail Settings' options to fix the error.

Once you have done that, click the 'Test Bounce Settings' button to check the details are working.

Once you have confirmed the details are working properly, click 'Save' to make sure your changes are kept.

You can fix this error by putting in as the IP of the e-mail server instead of
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