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What would my domain names' SPF record be for e-mail hosted at AISO.Net?
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When you are configuring e-mail handling for your domain, you might need to know the IP addresses of the AISO.Net mail servers, to help prevent messages from being marked as spam. For example, you need the IP addresses in order to:

* Create an Server Policy Framework (SPF) record to identify the AISO.Net mail servers as authorized mail servers for your domain
* Add the mail servers to the "whitelist" for an outbound gateway

AISO maintains a large e-mail infrastructure, which grows dynamically to accommodate increasing demand. As a result, AISO.Net mail servers use a large range of IP addresses, and the addresses often change. The most effective means of finding the current range of IP addresses is to query AISO.Net's SPF record.

To create an SPF record for your domain, you can simply have the record refer to the AISO.Net SPF record for the current list of IP addresses:

v=spf1 -all

With this method, your domain automatically inherits changes to the AISO.Net IP addresses as they happen.

When you need the literal IP addresses for AISO.Net mail servers, use one of the tools available on the Internet to look up the SPF records for the domain and this record will list the current range of addresses.

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