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What type of OS template do you offer?
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The SolarCloud OS template library includes multiple flavors of Linux templates, both 32- and 64-bit. Please note that at present, the SolarCloud does not support templates with Active Directory Domain Controllers or Windows templates.

Some of the Linux templates we offer are:
Ubuntu 8.04 32-Bit
Ubuntu 8.04 64-Bit
Ubuntu 10.04.1
Debian 5.0 64-Bit
Debian 6.0 64-Bit
Gentoo 10.1 64-Bit
CentOS 5.5 64-Bit
CentOS 5.4 64-Bit
CloudLinux Server 5.5 64-Bit
CloudLinux Server 5.5 cPanel 64-Bit
CentOS 5.5 cPanel 64-Bit
CentOS 5.5 Plesk 64-Bit
CentOS 5.5 Apache 64-Bit
CentOS 5.5 LAMP 64-Bit
CentOS 5.5 MySQL 64-Bit
Fedora 14 64-Bit
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 64-Bit
And more.

NOTE: Any software that requires a license, the license is not included. Just the software is pre-installed and ready to use.
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