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How do I view the load balancer details?
Posted by Support on 01 September 2011 10:48 AM
How to View load balancer details

Load balancers in fact are also virtual machines, so you can perform the same basic actions on them as for other VMs, although we recommend against most actions except for moving, powering on and powering off.

To view load balancer details:
  1. Go to your Control Panel’s Load Balancers menu.
  2. On the screen that appears, click the label of the Load balancer required.
  3. You’ll see the information on the load balancers with the range of tools available for the balancer.
    LB information
  • Hostname and login
  • Power status & On/Off buttons
  • Template this LB is built on
  • Resources allocated to this LB
  • Hypervisor and IPs
  • Owner
  • Prices per hour
  • Activity log
    Tabs with additional tools
  • Billing Stats – Shows costs due for this LB for a specified time period
  • Monitis monitors – a tool that monitors the cluster load
    Actions (the exact list shown depends on Balancer status):
  • Startup Balancer - Queues a start-up action for a Balancer that’s currently powered off.
  • Reboot Balancer - Powers off and then restarts the Balancer.
  • Shut Down Balancer - Terminates the Balancer forcefully.
  • Delete Balancer - Removes the Balancer from the system.
  • Suspend Balancer - Stops a Balancer, and changes its status to suspended.
  • Migrate Balancer - Pops up the Balancer migration dialogue, enabling you to move the Balancer to a different hypervisor.
  • Rebuild Balancer - Pops up the Balancer rebuild dialogue, where you can rebuild the Balancer on the same (or another) template. All data will be lost!
  • Monitis Monitors - Shows the cluster load.

    Cluster Nodes
    This is the list of the nodes which form the load balancer. Here you can:
  • Power on/off the node
  • Delete a node from a cluster

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