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How To Add Additional Control Panel Contacts
Posted by Support, Last modified by Support on 30 November 2012 09:18 AM
This guide will walk you through setting up additional contacts in the control panel. Additional contacts can be used for your web developers or coworkers so they can call/email support regarding your account or give them their own login information to access the control panel and only allow them access to what you want them to have.

1. Click on "Update Your Details" on the main page of your Control Panel.

2. Next click on "Contacts/Sub-Accounts"

This next screen is where you will fill out all your contacts information. If you only want to add them as a contact that can email/phone support then only fill in the information in box 3 and 5 from the screen shot (leave the "Active Sub-Account" UNCHECKED!) and click "Save". If you would like your contact to have their own login to the control panel with limited to full access then check mark the box in step 3 "Activate Sub-Account" and then follow steps 4 and 5.

3. Fill in your contacts personal information into each field.

4. Enter a password for your new contact (the username will be the email address from step 3) and select what you would like them to be able to access once they are logged in.

5. Check mark any boxes here if you would like them to receive emails when the action in the box is performed. Example: If you check mark "Domain Emails",  They will also get an email anytime a domain name is up for renewal or has been renewed.

6. Once you are done filling everything out, click "Save" and your new user can now log into the Control Panel or contact support.

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