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What is the procedure for registering a new domain name?
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If you wish, AISO.Net will be happy to assist you in the entire process of registering your new domain name. For all the domain names (.com, .net, .org) we support, you can order on our web site. We will add a charge to your first bill to cover the first period of registration. In the second and subsequent periods(years), we will bill you to cover the continuing costs of registration. The relevant information from the order form you submit to us will be forwarded immediately to an accredited registrar to register your domain name. The registrar typically completes the registration process within 24 hours of receipt. The propagation process normally requires 48 to 72 hours. If you would like to simply register a domain name at this time without signing up for hosting services, we offer domain registration only on our web site as well.

If you register your domain name in this way, you can activate a hosting account at anytime. You should receive confirmation that your domain name has been registered within a few hours after ordering; if not, please contact us. If you have specific concerns about the registration process or about the information that has been submitted then please e-mail us. Although AISO.Net is fully able to host non-U.S. domains, we can also register such domains with the appropriate foreign domain name authority. Non-U.S. domain names can be either registered by us or registered by our customers.

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