Moving and editing the tabs in your navigation menu
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´╗┐If you want to change the name of a page in your navigation

1. On the top menu bar, click Page > Page Manager.

2. The Page Manager will open up with a list of all your pages. Select the page you'd like to edit and click on the blue link that says "Edit".

3. You will see two boxes called "Label" and "Hover Text".

  • The Label is the name that appears in the navigation menu of your site.
  • Hover Text is the text that pops up when someone moves their mouse over one of the tabs in your navigation menu.

4. Type in your desired text in those two boxes.

5. Click "OK" and your navigation will be updated with the changes you made.

These are the steps to changing the order of your navigation:

1. Click Page > Page Manager.

2. Click on the page you'd like to move, drag it up or down in the list and drop where you'd like it to be. 

3. Click "OK" and save your changes.

Don't forget to click on the "Publish to the web" button to ensure that your changes display on your published site. 

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