How do I add pictures to my text?
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You can add pictures in a few ways but did you know that you can add a picture inside a Text Widget?

To add pictures using the Text Widget, follow these easy steps:

1. Drag and drop a Text Widget onto your page.

2. Click the "Picture" button (the icon that looks like a green photograph in a picture frame, roughly in the middle of the toolbar) on the Text Editing Toolbar.

3. A dialog box will open up and allow you to browse for and select a picture, as described above.

4. Using the Text Widget allows you to insert a number of pictures in the same text box.  You can add as many pictures in a row as your chosen style will support.  Separate each picture by one or two spaces for the best results.


You can also place a picture and text side by side (text wrapping) :

1. Once you have added your picture, select it by clicking on it.

2. You will then see three new buttons on your Text Editing Toolbar: a picture with text below (No Wrap), text on the right (Wrap Left) and text on the left (Wrap Right).

3. Select the option that suits you and start typing. Your text will then wrap around the picture.

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