Can I add my own style/template or customize one in the SiteBuilder?
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Although it is not currently possible to upload your own template, we provide an extensive selection template styles. In addition to this depending on the SiteBuilder plan your on, you can edit the template site CSS and further customize your site. 

Our styles allow you the option to either change the background color, upload your own background image, or both! Please note that not all the styles have these options.

If you want to know if the option to edit the background image is available for a particular style, simply click on the Style menu at the bottom of the SiteBuilder. Hovering over each style displays the editing features available. You can also preview a style by clicking on it to apply it to your site - don't worry, you won't lose any custom banners or code from your existing style.

To edit the page background color:

  1. Click on Style > Edit Background.
  2. A dialog box will open, click on the down-arrow next to "Background Fill" and the color picker will open.
  3. Select the color you would like to use and click on "OK". If you know the Hex value of the color you would like to use, enter it into the space provide (here's a link to a Hex color generator).

Upload your own background image

  1. Click on Style > Edit Background.
  2. A dialog box will open, check the box next to "Use a background image".
  3. You can now either upload a file from your computer or browse for a previously-uploaded image.
  4. Once uploaded, customize your settings - whether you would like the image to tile (repeat), where you would like the background to be located on the page and if you would like the background to scroll with the page or not.

Apply to all pages

You can choose to apply the same background to all of the pages on your site instead of changing the background on each page individually:

  1. Click on Style > Edit Background.
  2. A dialog box will open asking you to confirm whether you would like to apply the change to all the pages on your site, click on "Apply and Save" if you would like to go ahead.
For more information on personalizing your style please check out our SiteBuilder KB articles.

Using the Site CSS

The Site CSS is a fantastic way to really customize your site. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a set of rules or coding language which dictates how your webpage will appear. By having access to the Site CSS feature, this allows you to tweak the site's CSS codes so that you have the perfect look for your site. Here are some general steps how on this works:
  1. Click on Style > Edit Custom CSS.
  2. The Site CSS dialog box will open up with the Site CSS Override on the left-hand side and on the right hand side, you'll see a Preview tab (for viewing the changes), Site CSS (to see the default CSS codes used) and the Site HTML (to see the default HTML codes used).
  3. Navigate to the Site CSS and locate the code you wish to alter.
  4. Copy that section of code and paste into the Site CSS Override on the left-hand side.
  5. Make your adjustments as needed.
  6. At the bottom of your dialog box, uncheck the "Disable Site CSS Overrides".
  7. Click on the "Preview" tab to see the changes.
  8. Once you've finished making all the tweaks, then click on "OK". You will now see your changes applied to all pages in your SiteBuilder.
Please note: The Site CSS feature is only available with the certain SiteBuilder plans. This feature is best used by advanced users who are comfortable with using HTML codes. We can only provide basic assistance with this. Here are a couple of helpful CSS resources: W3C schools and A List Apart.
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