How do I upload and use a file that is not a image on my website?
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Here are the steps you would need to upload a file besides an image, such as a pdf to your site:

Your visitors will need the necessary plugin to access your file if needed, such as Acrobat Reader for a PDF.

1) Upload your file/PDF to the File Manager.
2) Drag and drop an HTML Widget onto your page.
3) Paste the following tag into the HTML editor that opens:

<embed width="100" height="100" src="resources/test.pdf">

4) If this does not work to your liking, paste the following tag into the HTML editor instead:

<a href="resources/test.pdf">Download Now</a>

5) Replace test.pdf with the exact file name of your file and the words Download Now with what you want the link to say.
6) Remember to include any folder names in the file path if your file is stored in a folder in the File Manager. For example: "resources/PDF/test.pdf"

Alternatively, you can use []( to embed your PDF document.

1. Sign up for a free account with slideshare.
2. Go to "Upload" at the top of your screen.
3. Upload your file(s). Then click on "Publish" (or "Publish All" if you have more than 1 file).
4. Once your file has been converted, then click on the file you want to embed.
5. On the right-hand side, you will see a green box with "Embed" and a code provided. Please copy this code.
6. In your Sitebuilder, drag-and-drop an HTML Widget from the sidebar on the right onto your page (the icon for this is a blue sphere).
7. An HTML editor will open up that will allow you to write or paste your code (use right-click > paste or ctrl-V to paste).
8. When you are done, click "OK" and you will see the way that the HTML displays on your page.

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