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Can I have multiple domains pointing to my site or to a directory on my site?
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Yes you can have multiple domains point to the same site or to a directory on your site. When you sign up, just choose the main domain you want to use, and later you can login to the control panel and add the other domains, called site aliases. Also before adding on the extra domains, make sure that you have pointed them to the appropriate DNS Name Servers with your registrar, and allow them sufficient time to propagate across the internet. You cannot use AISO's DNS servers web1 and web2, they will not work. Each domain alias may cost extra on top of your current hosting plan, if you have run out of free aliases. If you want the domain to redirect the user from the new domain to a current domain name you have, then you would need to purchase a domain pointer or use a domain alias with a .htaccess file. Domain pointers do not let you pull up files from subdirectories of the current domain, nor will the user see the domain name of the potiner in their browser after they have been redirected.

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