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How to configure an Android Mobile device to synchronize contacts using the our e-mail servers SyncML service
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This article explains how to configure an Android mobile device to use Funambol to synchronize contacts via the our e-mail servers SyncML synchronization service.


Funambol for the Android can be downloaded from the Android Market. The app may also be called FunV10.

If your presented with a Funambol Signup screen (phone number & password boxes), skip this signup screen and press the Login button at the bottom.

On the Android Funambol app Login "Account" settings/screen enter:

  • Username:
  • Password: Your e-mail account password
  • Server Location/URL:Non-Secure (not recommended):

If presented with a "Import your contacts from other address books dialog", select Cancel Import and press Ok.

On the sync screen then select either contacts, calendar or both to sync between the server and your mobile device.

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