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Cannot start SolarVault Pro / SolarVault Lite on Windows guest VM on VMware Fusion server with mirrored desktop folder
Posted by Support on 23 January 2014 01:51 PM

Product Version:
SolarVault Lite / SolarVault Pro: All

OS: Windows

    1. Problem Description:
For VMware Fusion virtual machine installation on Windows platforms, if the mirrored desktop option is enabled, SolarVault Pro / SolarVault Lite cannot start after its installation.

Upon further investigation, if the client agent is started in Debug Mode, the following error messages would be received in the command prompt:

java.lang.SecurityException: Access is denied.

       at com.ahsay.ani.util.WindowsUtil.mkdir(
       at com.ahsay.afc.util.q.a(Unknown Source)
       at com.ahsay.afc.util.q.b(Unknown Source)
       at com.ahsay.obc.core.h.(Unknown Source)

Mirrored folders allow the Mac and the virtual machine to see the same content in certain personal data folders, for example the desktop folder.
    1. Cause:
Mirrored folders option ( is not supported for SolarVault Pro / SolarVault Lite.
    1. Resolution:
To resolve the issue, please disable the 'Shared Folders (Mirrored Folders)' option to allow SolarVault Pro / SolarVault Lite to start. 

Figure 1.0 - VMware Fusion console (Settings)