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What are domain name pointers and domain name aliases? Do you support them?
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A Domain Name Pointer is a Domain Name that redirects a one domain name to another domain name, so that your site could have two names, for instance - and The domain redirects the user & does not stay in the users browser. So if the domain pointer is and the user enters into their browser, their browser would get 301 redirected to and would not be seen in their browser anymore.

A Domain Name Alias is where the domain name that is aliases serves up the files from another domain name. The domain name that is aliased stays in the users browser and the user never sees the domain name that its pulling files from. The domain alias works in this fashion: when you type in the domain name aliases domain which points to the main web hosting account domain, the domain URL in the browser remains but the files you see are coming from, or if you choose The user doesn't see they see within their browser. Or you can have a sub-domain of and the files will be pulled from but appear in the browser as

You can purchase a domain name pointer or domain name alias in your control panel or you can request them for a modest fee, by simply e-mailing our support department, or submitting a ticket via this ticket system. Can't decide on a domain name? Use more than one! It does not require a new account. Domain pointers are useful for providing multiple identities for your Web site, and is relatively inexpensive.
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