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What options are avaiable for accessing MyGreenFileManager?
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MyGreenFileManager provides the following access methods:

Web Interface

It's awesome user interface allows even the least technical of your users to manage and share files.

Mobile Interface

iPhones, iPads, Android mobile phones and tables, they can access the same files through the same web address, but using a touch-screen optimized user interface built on top of the latest HTML5 technologies.


MyGreenFileManager comes with WebDAV support, which allows access using third-party programs such as:

Android: WebDAV File Manager and any WebDAV capable app

iPhone/iPad: WebDAV Navigator, GoodReader and any WebDAV capable app

Windows: NetDrive, BitKinex, WebDrive and any WebDAV capable application

Mac: Finder, CyberDuck, WebDrive and any WebDAV capable application

The MyGreenFileManager WebDAV URL is


Because MyGreenFileManager doesn't keep the files in a proprietary format or in a particular folder, you can use any third-party method (such as FTP) to access the files.


There are ways of keeping your files in sync across multiple devices.
This is by using a third-party WebDAV synchronizing tool:

Android: WebDAV File Manager

Windows: GoodSync or any folder synchronization tool used with mounting FileRun as a local drive with NetDrive or WebDrive

Mac: GoodSync, CyberDuck or any folder trough Finder or a folder mounted with WebDrive



Files can be backed up by using WebDAV: GoodSync or any folder backup tool via WebDrive or NetDrive

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