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I just have domain registration with you, how do I edit my DNS records?
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If you just have domain registration with us and not web hosting, you can use our DNS Host Record Management tool that comes with your domain registration.

The DNS Management feature provides you with an interface through our control panel where you are able to forward the domain to another domain, a  different IP Address, or just point to a temporary page (known as Parking), and more. This feature would commonly be used by customers who do not have web hosting with AISO for the domain, or are using a site alias for this domain with the AISO web hosting service they already have on another domain.

1. First login to our control panel and then click on the Domains link in the top menu bar and then click My Domains.

2. Clickthe Manage Domain button next to the domain name you wish to modify.

3. Once managing the domain, you should see the Information tab for it, such as the screenshot below.

If you already have DNS Management enabled you can skip to step 5. If you do not see the Manage DNS option under the Management Tools Tab, then continue on.

4. To enable DNS Management if it is not already enabled, click the addons tab then click the Buy Now link under DNS Host Record Management.

5. Now click on the Nameservers tab and click the "Use custom nameservers (enter below)" radio button and enter in the Nameserver 1 field, enter in the Nameserver 2 field and enter in the Nameserver 3 field Once completed, click the "Change Nameservers" button to save the changed. See screenshot below.

Note: If you wish to take advantage of the DNS Managment Option. The Name Servers should be changed to,, and

6. Now to manage the DNS record for your domain, click on the Management Tools tab and click the Manage DNS link. See screenshot below.

7. Now you can enter in the DNS records for your domain name. You must click the "Save Changes" button each time you want to add a new record or edit a record. To delete a record, just remove all information from that record line in the Host Name, Address and Priority boxes. See screenshot below.

8. If you wish to do a domain masking or domain forwarding, create two A records ponting to the IP address with one Host Name of www and the other Host name blank. Then create two more records with the URL Redirect type for a domain forwarding/redirect or URL Frame for a domain mask/iFrame; with one Host Name of www and the other Host Name blank. See screenshot below.


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