How do I configure the WHMCS Resellers module?
Posted by Support, Last modified by Support on 21 February 2014 08:05 AM

To configure the WHMCS resellers module you will first need to get a API username and password from AISO, this will be used later in the configuration of the module.

1. First login to our control panel, then click Services at the top, then My Services.

2. Click on the Manage Service button next to your reseller account.

3. Click the Downloads tab and download the AISO WHMCS Resellers module zip file.

4. Next click the Manage Service tab and click the Reseller System Setting link.

5. Fill out the Reseller System Setting form and then save it. This is required for the setup and ordering of new reseller end user plans.

6. Upload all the files in the zip file you downloaded from our site into the WHMCS installation folder.

7. Edit the file includes/aiso-reseller-module-settings.php using a text editor and input the AISO API Username and Password you where given from AISO into the fields like so:

$gstrAISOAPIUsername = "APIUsername";
$gstrAISOAPIPassword = "APIPassword";

8. Then create your plans in WHMCS and in each plan you want to sell to your clients go to the Module Settings tab and select the AisocprXXXXX module then select the AISO End User plan this plan will link to. So in the example below we created a plan called GreenLinux 1 which is like the AISO EcoLinux 1 plan, so we have selected the AISO Reseller End User EcoLinux 1 plan.