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How to seed-load data in SolarVault for sending to AISO
Posted by Support on 25 September 2014 10:16 AM

The Seed-Load Utility of SolarVault Pro provides a much faster alternative way for the customers of online backup provider to transfer large backup data (usually during the first backup job) onto the provider's backup server without having to upload the data through the Internet. Please note, you can only do Seed-Loading via SolarVault Pro, not SolarVault Lite.


For backing up a large amount of data to AISO located offsite, it would take a considerable amount of time to perform the initial full backup through the Internet. To reduce the time and bandwidth required for initial backup, the Seed Load Utility in SolarVault Pro can be utilized to perform initial backup to a local removable hard disk at the client site, instead of backing up through the Internet. The backed up data can then be transported to the location of online backup provider, and then the data can be imported into the corresponding SolarVault backup account at AISO.


How to seed-load data in SolarVault Pro

Step 1:

Click [Backup] in the SolarVault Pro home screen


Step 2:

Click [Option] to open the option screen


Step 3:

Input the Local Hard Disk location for seed load, then click [OK]


Step 4:

Send the removable data storage device to AISO.