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How to install Drush within your shared web hosting account at AISO
Posted by Support, Last modified by Support on 20 April 2015 03:06 PM

Many customers who host Drupal websites use Drush and may want to use it in our in shared hosting environment.

This page describes how to install Drush in your shared hosting account with AISO

First, establish SSH access to the server if SSH is enabled on your account. If it is not, then contact us to enable it.

Next, to setup Drush, once logged into your account via SSH, follow these few simple steps:


cd ~
rm -y
chmod u+x drush-master/drush
nano ~/.bashrc -or- vim ~/.bashrc -or- vi ~/.bashrc

​Add these lines at the top of the .bashrc file:


export PATH="$HOME/drush-master/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH"
alias drush='~/drush-master/drush'
alias composer='~/drush-master/composer.phar'

Reload bash shell:


source ~/.bashrc

Login to our control panel, Manage the service in question and go to "PHP Settings" page.

Ensure "phar" extension is selected, select it if it was not enabled and click "Save" button.

Return to the SSH shell.

Install Composer. Answer all questions by composer installer as appropriate:


cd drush-master/
curl -sS | php
./composer.phar init
./composer.phar install
composer global require drush/drush:6.*

Test to see if it works:


drush core-status


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