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How to Configure Mozilla Thunderbird to Access Email?
Posted by Support, Last modified by Support on 06 April 2009 04:53 PM
Go here to setup your e-mail program or follow the steps below:

Setup email on Mozilla Thunderbird

Step 1:
Click on File > New > Account

Step 2:
Enter your name and email address. Click next

Step 3:
Select POP with incomming server of Click next

Step 4:
Incoming User Name just type in the complete email address here. (i.e. in the case of, "" is the User Name for this mailbox). Click the "Next" button. Outgoing User Name just type the same as Incoming User Name, the complete email address. Click next

Step 5:
Account name gives you a place to type in a title that will be displayed only to you for your E-mail account. Click Finish.

Step 6:
Select "Tools > Account settings" in the top menu

Step 7:
Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP). Outgoing mail server (SMTP) type Uncheck the box "Use name and password".  For spam protection we use a function called "POP before SMTP". Whenever you log in for POP3 mail, the server checks that the connection was made from your computer and permits to send messages for a limited time.

If you are unable to connect to the smtp server or send email outbound, your ISP may be blocking port 25 from 3rd party use. Contact your ISP and ask them for their SMTP server address if this occurs. You can also use and the SMTP port 587 for sending emails.
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