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How Do I Configure Netscape Communicator to Access Your POP E-mail Box?
Posted by Support on 20 December 2007 03:12 AM
This page describes how to configure Netscape Communicator to access your POP e-mail box.

1. In Netscape select Preferences... from the Edit pull-down menu.

2. Open the Mail & Groups section, and Click on Mail Server.
For POP3 User Name: enter type the popID you specified when creating the mailbox.
For Outgoing Mail Server: enter the SMTP server provided by your ISP. Your ISP will be able to give you this information.
For Incoming Mail Server: enter

3. Click on the Identity in left column.
For Your Name: enter your name.
For Email Address: enter the e-mail address for the POP mailbox.
For Reply-to Address: enter your e-mail address.

4.All the other settings are optional. Choosing Messenger Mailbox from the Communicator pull-down menu will open the part of Netscape that allows you read and send mail.
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