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What if I have e-mail addresses in my "Whitelist" list or my "Blacklist" list?
Posted by Support, Last modified by Support on 30 March 2015 12:02 PM

Any e-mail address you currently have in your "Whitelist" list, exempts e-mail from certain e-mail addresses from being spam filtered. These "whitelisted" e-mail addresses will automatically bypass greylisting, SpamAssassin, and all other junk filtering features. However, even e-mail sent from whitelisted e-mail addresses will be scanned for viruses.

AISO.Net' junk e-mail filter system will automatically reject any e-mail messages sent from e-mail addresses on your "Blacklist" list.

If you have an e-mail address on both lists, our system will treat that e-mail address as if it was not on either list, thereby ensuring e-mail sent from those addresses will be processed through our spam e-mail filtering system.

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