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(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) October 12, 2012 -, the world's most responsible, green web hosting company, announced today the deploying of a Web Site Optimization, Caching & Acceleration system for its shared hosting customers.

By using server side software to implement web performance best practices, web page resources are rewritten to automatically optimize their content. It improves performance for JavaScript, HTML and CSS, as well as JPEG and PNG images. Then for the most busiest sites we then cache static and dynamic objects in RAM for even faster loading times.

"Who on the Internet wouldn't want a faster website?" stated Phil Nail, CTO of AISO. "The benefits of the object optimization and caching are really a slam dunk for our customers. It's built to boost users' web performance, and ultimately, the bottom line for their business."

Some AISO customers detected a 48% decrease, slicing the load time for image-rich websites from 15 to 7 seconds. This also helps the first visit to the site by reducing the payload size and improving compression. Repeat visits are accelerated by making caching more efficient and decreasing the size of resources such as CSS and HTML.

About AISO's mission is to be the most reliable and responsible green web hosting company. AISO hosts all kinds of websites, from small simple sites to large data intensive websites for the movie industry, even, the company that certifies carbon offests. Other companies are buying carbon offsets to ease their environmental conscience, but AISO is running its own green data center and network that is powered by on-site solar panels.

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